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GN Whey Protein 80 + triko Cellucor
GO Nutrition
2500 g      999 K (40.7 €)
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Varianty: triko pouze M , protein (trojit okolda, bann, jahoda, tureck med, vanilkov krm, suenka s marmeldou, rebarborov kol, limetka cheescake, palaninka s javorovm sirupem, borvkov kol, lesn plody, okolda pomeran, okolda mint, latte)

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triko pouze M

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GN Whey Protein 80 2500 g 999 K
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GN Whey Protein 80 + triko Cellucor GO Nutrition 2500 g

Kvalitn protein s trikem mlem zadarmo!

GN Whey Protein 80 + triko Cellucor GO Nutrition 2500 g na www.f-sport.cz jen za 999 K. Pvodn cena je 1489,- K. To je sleva 33%, uette 490,- K.
Kvalitn protein z vysoce istho mlka vyroben modern technologii CFM.

What is Whey Protein 80?
Whey Protein 80 is an ultra premium quality 80% whey protein powder concentrate providing an unrivalled combination of taste, value and results. With over 19.5g of whey protein per 25g serving and delivering an outstanding amino acid profile, GN Whey Protein 80 is the perfect protein choice to fuel recovery and lean muscle gains. Our whey protein is now the cheapest in the UK. If you find comparable protein on sale elsewhere we'll happily match the price.

How will this protein powder benefit my training?
GN Whey Protein 80 is loaded with branched chain amino acids (BCAAs) and glutamic acid which are rapidly delivered to the target muscles where they quickly get to work to encourage muscle growth and repair through protein synthesis. It can therefore help you recover quicker and build muscle more effectively.

Why should I take a protein supplement like this?
Protein is an fundamental element of any athlete or training enthusiasts nutritional protocol. Put simply protein is essential for growth and repair of all cells, including muscle cells, and it is therefore necessary in order to experience training adaptations. The vast majority of us will struggle to consume the amounts of protein required for positive training adaptations through whole foods alone, and this is where GN Whey Protein 80 provides the perfect solution. With over 80% protein and low in fat and carbohydrates it is the ideal way to increase your daily protein intake. Consuming the right amounts of whey protein will allow your body to recover more quickly, and grow. Speedy recovery means you're back in the gym sooner and reaping the rewards.

How often should I take it and how much should I use?
We recommend consuming at least 1g of protein per pound of body weight every day if you want to improve recovery and gain more lean muscle. As a rough guideline, that's 3-5 servings of this protein shake every day. You can find out more on the Suggested Use tab.

How well does this protein shake mix?
This whey protein is "instantised" using a small amount of soy lecithin. Instantising ensures a finished protein powder that mixes effortlessly in your GN Blender Bottle to produce a smooth and delicious protein shake.

In what flavours is this whey protein available?
We understand that everyone's different with unique needs, tastes and nutritional requirements. That's why GN Whey Protein 80 is available both flavoured and unflavoured, leaving the choice entirely up to you. We've been hard at work to develop 11 delicious flavour options all of which use natural colours and flavours to create a great tasting and easy mixing, creamy whey protein shake.

How is this whey protein concentrate made?
GN Whey Protein 80 is an un-denatured whey protein powder sourced directly from Europe's leading dairies. Manufactured from vegetarian sweet cheese using a cross-flow micro-filtration process ensures that you receive only the most pure whey protein concentrate, packed with all 20 essential and non-essential amino acids. Processing is carried out at low temperatures to ensure that GN Whey Protein 80 is un-denatured and highly bioavailable.

What's so special about whey protein anyway?
Whey protein is one of two types of proteins derived from cows' milk, with the other being casein. It is absorbed faster than other forms of protein making it an excellent choice pre and post-workout and after fasted periods (the first meal of the day). Whey protein has the highest biological value (BV) of any dietary protein and appears to have a synergistic effect with high GI carbohydrates, such as maltodextrin or dextrose. This is particularly recommended post-workout to increase nutrient delivery and glycogen replenishment. Studies have also shown whey protein to have benefits for weight loss through satiety.

What country is your GN Whey Protein 80 sourced from?
GN Whey Protein 80 is sourced directly from the world renowned Muller dairy based in Germany. All of the milk used to produce GN Whey Protein 80 is sourced from cows bred in Germany and surrounding EU countries and is GM and hormone free. By sourcing directly from a leading European dairy we can guarantee the very best whey protein concentrate on the market today, whilst ensuring full traceability of our final product.

What makes your whey protein the best?
GoNutrition offers unrivalled value for money, and our Whey Protein 80 is no exception. The highest quality whey protein concentrate available on the market today is fully backed up by an official Certificate of Analysis and Amino Acid Profile; which are available at the top of the page.

What goes well with GN Whey Protein 80?
To support lean muscle growth we recommend adding 5g of Creatine Monohydrate to your GN Whey Protein 80 shake. Creatine Monohydrate promotes lean muscle growth and increase in strength. Also try adding Maltodextrin to your post workout shake. Fast release carbohydrates taken post workout help to deliver the vital amino acids of the protein to the muscles and also replenish glycogen stores.

Jednu velkou odmrku (25g) rozmchejte v cca 150ml vody.

  Dvkovn podle F-sportu (Martin):

Vzhledem k obsahu blkovin v jedn dvce (20g), NElze jednu odmrku povaovat za dostatenou dvku. Lze pouit i 1 a pl odmrky nebo dv pro plnohodnotnou dvku s 30g nebo 40g blkovin.

Vdy na jednu odmrku dejte cca 2 deci vody. Pouijte chladnou (ne ledovou) vodu. Nepouvejte sycenou ani teplou vodu, ejkr by Vm mohl vypnit pi ejkrovni a rozstiknout se. Pro dkladnj rozmchn pouijte ejkr. Dkladn rozmchejte v ejkru, nechte cca 5minut odstt a rozmchejte znovu, takto doshnete dokonalho rozmchn. Pak pomalu, vklidu pijte, mete i na vcekrt.
Pokud protein po pprav dle stoj (dle ne 3 minuty), tak je lep ho ped pitm znovu rozmchat. Pokud u jste protein pelili ze ejkru do hrnku nebo sklinky, tak u to neete.

Berte vdy ped spanm, lze cca 45 minut po trninku a tak rno mezi sndani a svainou.
Kdy nejlpe brt proteiny a jak to kombinovat s gainery a dalmi doplky najdete ve lnku
Gainer a Protein - nvod jak je brt podn.
Kolik m vlastn bt jedna dvka si mete spotat sami v Kalkulace pro dvkovn proteinu a gaineru.


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GN Whey Protein 80 + triko Cellucor GO Nutrition 2500 g Proteiny

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2016-08-03 18-02-33
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Mm tripl okoldu a jsem spokojen.Velmi dobe chutn a urit bych jinou chut nemenil. Doporuuji take

2016-07-08 13-03-47
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Ok. Vracm se teda znovu k triple choco a uvidme.

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jsou to iv vci a po nachucen se vdy mn i dal sloky - take ano, m to vliv ...

2016-07-07 10-17-31
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7.4 jsem psal, jak jsem spokojen. Vrtil jsem se k nmu, tentokrt v pchuti bann a pijde mi, e je to upln jin protein. Lep se, dl hrudky, kdy ho rozmchm kulikou v ejkru, tak napn jak blzen a skoro vdycky se po nm po....Tak nechpu, jestli je to tou pchut, ale bann stav, nebo njak jin are.

2016-04-07 14-24-26
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S proteinem jsem velmi spokojen. Vborn se rozmchv nelep se nepn. Dvm 45-50g na porci do 250ml vody a exnu. Stolice v pohod, dn nadmn a v bku jako v pokojku. Pchu triple choco vborn- zkusm dal. Za m

2015-07-07 16-35-27
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Dote jsem si tenhle protein jen pochvaloval - dobr chu, rozpustnost, cena...ale dnes m naden mrn opadlo. U poslednho balen triple chocolate sem nejdv vypozoroval vlastnost, kdy pi pespn z odmrky vytv podivn vlkna, nco jako pavuiny. Balen toho samho proteinu v jammie biscuits to nedlalo a ani u pedchoz dobran okoldy sem si neho takovho neviml. Zhada byla vyeena a dnes, kdy jsem v namchm shaku nael pardnho erva. Tm nechci nikoho odradit, ty proteiny sou dobr a tohle se mi stalo vbec poprv; pravdpodobn chybka konkrtnho balen, momentln mm dal dva a dnej problm. Kadopdn kdyby si nkdo viml podobn vci, je lep to dl nept... (chybu ve skladovnm vyluuju, ty podivn vlkna tvoil od zatku a uzaven sem to ml fakt vzduchotsn)

Pouijte nai diskusi a protte si nzory a zkuenosti ostatnch zkaznk nebo polote otzku.

Vechny texty a banery jsou vhradnm majetkem portlu f-sport.cz. Jejich nedovolen koprovn a pouit je zakzano. Ppadn koprovn bude hodnoceno jako krde a poruen autorskch prv.

Skladovn: Veker doplky (prkov, tekut, vetn tablet a kapsl) podlhaj na vlhku rychlej zkze.
Expirace: Plat pro uzaven (jet nikdy neoteven) balen. Oteven vdy znamen, e u je teba doplnk rychleji spotebovat. Kdy u je doplnk oteven, vdy jej otvrejte jen na minimln dobu, pro nabrn jedn dvky a zase jej peliv uzavete.
Optimln teplota pro skladovn je 5 a 15 stup (such chladnika nebo sp).
Jakmile npoj z prku pipravte, vypijte jej urychlen !
 Creatin monohydrt do 10minut.
 Proteiny a gainery do 40minut (pro del skladovn je nutno pouit ledniku, i tak maximln 4h).
 Ostatn drinky do 2h (doporuuji pro del skladovn ne 10minut pouit ledniku).
Rada: Do fitka lze donst zvl᚝ ejkr s prkem a zvl᚝ vodu.
Pro tekut u namchan doplky:
 Je teba skladovat v chladnu, nejlpe v lednice. Po oteven jej drte v lednice a spotebujte ho co nejrychleji. Osobn doporuuji jej vypt najednou nebo alespo v rozmez 24hodin.
Vechny drinky ped pouitm vychlate a dkladn nkolikrt protepejte. Nejlpe je drink dkladn protepat, nechat cca 5min stt a znovu dkladn protepat. Pak teprve vypt.

NOka a nkter creatinov smsi mou ztvrdnout ! Pro obsah Beta-Alaninu, Betainu a dalch specilnch ltek natahuje jemn, mnohdy micronizovan, prek velmi snadno vlhkost a me ztvrdnout - je to tzv speen. Toto me nastat po oteven nebo u pi peprav od vrobce nebo pi skladovn. Nkte vrobci do NOek pidvaj protispkav pmsi, ale to zase nen pln nej pro zdrav a trven. dn vrobce nebal produkty v ochrann atmosfe nebo vakuov (papry a peeti pes vko jsou jen jako tsnn a na efekt neporuenosti a mnohdy je stroj i nalep nakivo). Proto prosm akceptujte, e nkter produkty jsou takto speen! Toto ztvrdnut nen na zvadu ! Pro innost produktu je klov expirace a sprvn skladovn.
Postup pi ztvrdlm NOku: NOko rozbijte pevnm nstrojem, teba pborovm noem na prek.

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